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28/01/2021 12:00
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DP 0254 - Brazil’s Participation in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: evolution, challenges, and opportunities

Israel de Oliveira Andrade, Eduarda Passarelli Hamann e Matheus Augusto Soares/ Brasilia, January 2021

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Based on a state policy perspective, this paper seeks to present the path of Brazil’s participation in United Nations (UN) peace operations, from its genesis in 1947 to the present day, with the intent to comprehend whether there is a progressive and evolutionary pattern in these engagement efforts, and which would be the main challenges, contributions and future orientations to the country in this matter. To this end, in a first moment, the text will bring a conceptual discussion regarding the different definitions and understandings on peace operations. Subsequently, we will analyze the evolution of UN peace operations throughout its 70 years and the Brazilian positions during this period. In a third moment, we will present final considerations, identifying the upcoming challenges and the main possible perspectives for Brazil to engage in future peace operations. The intention, therefore, is to ascertain whether peacekeeping operations, as an instrument of international politics aligned to the guidelines of Brazilian defense and foreign policies, should continue to be supported by Brazil or if new reorientations are necessary as a national strategy.

Keywords: peace operations; Brazil; United Nations; MINUSTAH; UNIFIL; peacekeeping 



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