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15/03/2018 19:09
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Dialogues on the Sustainable Development Goals and the Challenges for Water and Sanitation Management in Brazil

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The ANA / IPEA / PNUD / IPC-IG partnership project

Building a Strategy to Implement Sustainable Development Goal 6 (Water and Sanitation) in Brazil

Water and Sanitation Management in Brazil

2030 Agenda and the Challenges to Water Governance in Brazil

The SDG Agenda as a Chance to Leave no One Behind

Setting the Path: Advances and Challenges of SDGs in Brazil

Signs of Institutional Adherence

First Steps of the Project: Inputs from the SDG 6 Workshop

Panel 1: Access to Drinking Water and Sanitation (Targets 6.1 and 6.2)

Panel 2: Water Quality, Ecosystem Protection and Restoration (Targets 6.3 and 6.6)

Panel 3: Water-Use Efficiency (Target 6.4)

Panel 4: Integrated Water Resources Management and Participation of Society (Targets 6.5 and 6.b)

Key Challenges Highlighted by the Panels on Water Management and Sanitation

Final Considerations





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