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Missão: “Aprimorar as políticas públicas essenciais ao desenvolvimento brasileiro, por meio da produção e disseminação de conhecimentos e da assessoria ao Estado nas suas decisões estratégicas”.
IPEA - Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada
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The Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea) is a federal public foundation linked to the Strategic Affairs Secretariat of the Presidency. It provides technical and institutional support to government for the formulation and reformulation of public policies and development programs in Brazil. Ipea’s work is made available to society through numerous regular publications and seminars.

Ipea mission is "to produce, coordinate and disseminate knowledge to improve public policy and to contribute to Brazilian development planning." The work of the Institute is based on the current Strategic Planning Cycle, envisaging seven theme areas:

1. Sovereign international inclusion
2. Macroeconomics for full employment
3. Strengthening the State, institutions and democracy
4. Advanced and regionally coordinated productive and technological structure
5. Economic, social, and urban infrastructure
6. Social protection, rights protection, and opportunities
7. Environmental sustainability

Most studies are conducted in partnership with other institutions in Brazil and abroad. Ipea has signed 90 technical cooperation agreements, implemented 295 scholarships through the Research Program for National Development, and awarded research grants to 27 public universities through the Ipea Cátedras Program. In addition, it participates in six networks for public knowledge management and sponsors 15 national events - including the conferences of the National Association for Graduate Studies and Research in Social Sciences (Anpocs), the National Association for Graduate Studies and Research in Urban and Regional Planning (Anpur), and the National Association of Centers for Graduate Studies in Economics (Anpec).

Ipea’s publications help disseminate the knowledge produced by the specialists. Some examples are: Discussion Papers, Technical Notes, Presidency Releases, newsletters and books. Every week, experts have the opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, internal debates, or debates with guests. In order to study and produce texts about issues that are crucial to Brazil's development, Ipea is divided into departments dedicated to different studies and policies.


Publications are available free of charge at www.ipea.gov.br and can also be purchased at the Institute’s Library. Ipea´s website provides information that is constantly updated, easy to read and access, on the latest publications, recent events and discussions underway.

Ipea is headquartered in Brasilia and has a representation office in Rio de Janeiro. 

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More information on Ipea - Institutional folder "Ipea thinks and researches Brazil"



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Ipea - Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada
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